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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Charlotte, NC

CDA Environmental specializes in assisting clients with Environmental Due Diligence, which includes Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and Environmental Transaction Screenings (ETSs) for property transactions required by lending agency for loans. Environmental due diligence researches the current, and former conditions of the property, to help determine the likelihood of environmental impact from former on-site operations which upholds the “Innocent Landowner’s Defense” under the CERCLA. ESAs and ETSs are performed following rules and regulations established by ASTM Standard 1527-13 E and ASTM Standard 1528-13 E, respectively. Additionally, CDA performs Environmental Review utilizing rules and regulations established in the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines.

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

Lenders will typically require a Phase I prior to granting mortgage loans for commercial, industrial or multi-family properties. It includes an Environmental Database Report, a visual inspection of the subject and adjoining properties by an environmental professional and research into the past use of those properties. The current “all appropriate inquiry” Phase I protocol (ASTM 1527-13) shields property buyers from federal Superfund clean up liability.

Environmental Transaction Screenings (ETSs)

ETSs are very similar to Phase l but require a smaller scope of historical research. Even though similar, transactions screenings should not be used in the place of a Phase l, but could be a very useful tool in providing environmental protections on properties where no assessment would be otherwise be performed.

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