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Home Energy Audit

Commercial & Home Energy Audit in Charlotte, NC

CDA Environmental, LLC (CDA) performs residential and commercial energy audits that provide the initial step to identify the specific energy consumption issues associated with individual structures. CDA utilizes the most current techniques and equipment (blowerdoor, duct blaster, and infrared camera) to identify the specific areas where structures loss excessive amounts energy. Once the specific energy losses areas have been quantified and evaluated, CDA provides the client with measures and retrofits that can increase the energy efficiency of the structures. The measurements and retrofits are presented in format that illustrate which ones make the most sense based on a cost-to-savings ratio. The CDA professional energy auditor personnel hold Building Performance Institute (BPI), Residential Energy Service Network (RESNET), and Infraspection certifications to insure audits are conducted utilizing current industry standards.

Energy Solutions from Energy Consultants & Auditors

CDA separates itself from the competition due the unique experience, understanding, and certifications CDA has associated with indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. CDA understands that there are a variety of energy efficiency improvement that have the potential to cause IAQ issues like low levels of radon or particulates to become significant health problems. CDA is dedicated to insuring the safety of the occupants and therefore a Indoor Air Quality Screening is performed as part of the energy audit. The Limited IAQ screening consists of collected mold and radon samples for third party analysis as well as the collection quantitative measurements associated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, relative humidity, and particulate counts. CDA also provides information needed to insure the structure meets industry standards (ASHRAE 62.2) concerning the amount of fresh air needed to maintain healthy indoor air quality. In addition, CDA can provide certified testing associated with asbestos inspections, lead-based inspections, radon testing, and mold inspections on building materials that may be impacted during retrofitting activities.

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