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About CDA Environmental, LLC – Environmental Consultants from Charlotte, NC

Our Environmental Consultants at CDA Environmental, LLC have over 18 years of experience providing environmental services to the Charlotte Metro area and surrounding municipalities. This experience includes assisting clients with projects that have issues associated with Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), sub-surface contamination, wetlands delineation, asbestos testing, lead paint testing / risk assessments, home energy audits, mold inspections, mold inspections and testing / moisture assessments, radon testing, legionella testing, sewage intrusion assessment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) screening, and other indoor air quality testing. CDA conducts environmental consulting for projects ranging from high rise structures to single-family dwellings. CDA personnel handle each project with the same professional approach and providing each client with the same level of service.

CDA takes great pride in providing environmental services to a wide range of clients. CDA provides the same level of attention to projects conducted for home-owner as it does for projects conducted for municipalities, developers, or commercial clients. CDA enjoys assisting clients with project both large and small utilizing the same level of professionalism and care.

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